We pride ourselves on having an exhaustive discovery process because we firmly believe that it is a critical element to the success of every project. We believe in setting the tone for the entire project as ‘fun’ for the team in a collaborative environment.

We Listen

Listening and customizing to our customer’s ideas is very important to us. We will look, study and analyze all the documentation and designs you’ve created, explore the project with you. Research is also an important step in our discovery process. At the end we will make sure that we know exactly what you want for your mobile app project.


Understanding your needs

Communication is key to understanding your needs. We will have weekly meetings with you.  We will provide documentation that proves that we understood your project and your requirements. How the app fits into your business is also very important. At the end of this step we will make sure that we understand each other.


Our team of experts will provide ideas and recommendations to your project. We will translate all the information and specifications gathered during this discovery process and make it richer by simplifying or adding features you probably never imagined. Our experience in technology and programming will help your project by suggesting ways to make your mobile application perform better for you and your users. Making it better is what we love to do.

Documentation is key

Prior to code development our team will create project diagrams and flowcharts. Every little detail in your project reflected in paper. We will design wireframe sketches of your app. Every aspect, user interface elements and app flow will be displayed in our sketches, you will see on paper how your app will actually work and feel. It will all be documented. Feedback from our customers at this stage will be very important for improvements and changes.

Flowchart 1-04



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