Learning the basics of playing guitar has never been easier thanks to Play-A-Tab, a revolutionary guitar-learning technology for beginners. If you have a guitar and don’t know how to play, this system will teach you how to play hundreds of songs.


Play-A-Tab is a fun, easy and quick learning method. It relies on mirror associative conditioning to teach you how to play the guitar, based on research about how our brains interpret what we see, and how we translate that information into our own actions. You’ll learn all the basics, including how to hold a pick, how to strum the strings, and how to play hundreds of included songs, with new songs added weekly.

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With lessons delivered by the engaging Fox Networks personality Jonathan Sexton of “On-Stage With Jonny Sexton” (Friday mornings, WTNZ Knoxville), you’ll be having so much fun, you won’t notice that Play-A-Tab is based on Associative Sequence Learning (ASL) in conjunction with mirror-neuron research. That’s because you’ll be too busy strumming and singing along with hundreds of songs, in no time at all.

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Play-A-Tab has plenty of free and fun lessons but for even more lessons and entertainment we offer a subscription plan that unlocks our entire library of songs and lessons giving you access to everything we have to offer any time you want.


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Also, as a subscriber, you’re entitled to all of the brand new songs that we add to the Play-A-Tab store on a regular basis!


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